Storage Bin

Storage Bin

I recently partnered with E.J. Hassenfratz on the idea of making a plugin to aid in modeling. What we came up with was Storage Bin. Storage Bin is a unique workflow plugin for Cinema 4D that will change the way you work inside of C4D!  Storage Bin assists the motion graphic artist by aiding the[…] Read More


Hollywood in 1080p

Today marks the second year in a row that the VFX masses will/have descended upon Hollywood to protest the current state of the VFX industry during The Oscars. “But what do you mean by the current state of the industry Uncle RagingClaw?” Well I’m so glad you asked that question because it pisses me off[…] Read More

down the barrel

Down the Barrel

I used X-Particles, hair renderer, and physical renderer with DOF and motion blur for this one.  I saw something similar in some science journal about corals and tried to get a similar looking image.


How to teach a 6 year old to make a slinky in Cinema 4D

In this video I walk my daughter, Lily (6 years old), through the process of making a Slinky in cinema 4d. The idea came to me last night (the previous night before we made this video) when we were playing with…. you guessed it, a slinky. Lily always wants to watch me work in Cinema[…] Read More

Electric Universe - version 1

Electric Universe

This was a bastard to light. Ok, now that I have that out of the way, lets continue. One afternoon I got the bright idea (pun intended) to do some type of stylized representation of the Solar System and so I present you with my Electric Universe. I had a crap load of ideas for how[…] Read More

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

What started as an attempt to do daily cinema 4d renders turned into me saying, “i’ll do it every week instead.” That then turned into saying every two weeks, and now im going to say every month… i’m sure ill falter on this too but its more feasible for me to complete with my hectic[…] Read More

Über Delay banner

Über Delay

Ah yes, another plugin. I helped EJ Hassenfratz out with this little gem right here. Meet, Über Delay. I’ll let EJ take it from here: Über Delay is my new Cinema 4D plug-in that turns the regular ol’ Delay effector and makes it ÜBER!  Instead of having to be limited to choosing just one Delay[…] Read More

nightly frustations

everyday [nightly frustrations]

There is an epic story behind this #everyday render that I created tonight. Oh, you want to hear that story you say? Well, it goes like this…  When a man and a woman are in love…  Shit, wrong story. Ok here goes. My son has been having a terrible time getting himself to sleep since[…] Read More

CubePong 08 – Minecraft

CubePong 08 – Minecraft   Below you will find the excerpt from the site. From the cube pong vimeo page: How can we call ourselves Cubepongers if we don’t pay homage to the greatest cube game on the net, Minecraft. Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against[…] Read More

CubePong 07 – Good old Keyframes

CubePong 07 – Good old Keyframes Ahh yes, keyframes; the backbone of the 3d animation. Keyframes are a fundamental part of 3d animation and when Mograph and dynamics get involved in your workflow it can be easy to forget about the fundaments. I especially liked this round of CubePong for this reason. It’s nice to[…] Read More