99frames – To The surface

This is my entry for the 99frames social animation project hosted by David Drayton of MAXON, creators of the best software in the world, CINEMA 4D.

So what is 99frames? Although the project is over (yeah i know, i should have posted this up before so blah blah), I’ll give you a quick rundown, although you can learn more about it in detail here

99frames is a social animation project for the CINEMA 4D community. You get 99 frames at 30fps to make an animation using any of the new features of CINEMA 4D Release 13.Once the project deadline is met, David is combining all the entries into 1 long movie. there are also prizes and stuff for the best entries.

This brings us to my entry, ‘To The Surface.’Its a skull pushing through skin. I was thinking of the movie Aliens when i had the idea lol. I messed up a bit, this is the early WIP. I’m currently making a better render of this, even though that one won’t be part of the project (unless David has a huge heart lol).

The featuers of CINEMA 4D Release 13 I

used are as follows:

  • Physical Renderer/Camera
  • Depth of Field
  • Motion Blur
  • Mitchell Anti-Aliasing
  • SSS
  • cMotion/character for the skull (modified biped rig)
  • Collision Deformer

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