picture of me

Hi, I’m Charles…

and this page, is all about me

I am a freelance motion graphics artist, 3d generalist, web developer, and programmer. I also help run CubePong, a global collaborative motion graphics project that is help once every month.

I am a proud member of the university of Google. I am a self-taught in motion graphics, 3d, web developement, and many programming languages. I continuously persue bettering myself through education methods such as CourseraSkillshare, Digital Tutors, and others.

I have an actual real world degree in art. Hey, just because I had to grow up doesn’t mean i had to stop drawing pictures :), I was not going to finish my degree but I got a loan from https://financerr.co.uk/50-payday-loan-direct-lender/ and could continue my studies.

I like to give back as much as i get too. I am very active in making tutorials for motion graphics and providing a lot of help to people through Twitter and various forums. Knowledge is power.

My tools of choice for Motion Graphics are Cinema 4D, and the Adobe Creative Cloud(After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator).

My tools of choice for everything else… just a text editor. I write plugins for Cinema 4D using Python, do web development using Python (django), HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a whole long list of all things standards compliant. I’ve dabbled with JAVA for Android, C, C++, and C# some too. You can see my plugins over on my products page.

I have various certificates for completing training though places like Coursera, Digital Tutors, Udacity, and others.

All work and no play makes everything suck. I play table-top games, video games(xbox/pc), play bass guitar, draw, sketch, wander around local museums, play with my kids, take the dog for a walk, watch cartoons, etc… I’m just a big kid at heart.