C4D R14 Camera Calibration Tag

Some background:

Several days ago, yes several days ago and im just now writing this cause im a lazy bastard, I decided to give the new Camera Calibration tag in Cinema 4D R14 a whirl.

Honestly, this is something I had been wanting to try since it was first announced but I had the issue of not being able to decide what to do exactly.
But then one day, on the twitter-sphere, inspiration punched me in the balls. One of my twitter buddies, @SockGardener brought up the Camera Calibration tag.
I can’t recall the exact conversation, nor do i really care about running down his twitter feed wasting my time to find it, you can do that if you want though, but the point here is that I told him I would make it an homage to him; so i used his robot.

The robot came from thepixellab.net Free C4D Robot Contest. You will need to
sign up for the newsletter to get a download link. I promise its worth it.


Stuff I learned:

Build the geometry of the scene. If you want to get realistic lighting, you have to give the lights something to bounce off of, so build the geometry and put camera mapped textures to it.

Why do i bring that up??? Cause it was my problem in the first few attempts. I could not get the lighting right. @SockGardener was kind enough to help me out with some tips though.

Camera Calibration Tag Resources:

Here are a few resources I found dealing with the camera calibration tag in R14:


Will you be making a tutorial on this? -answer: did you not see the list of shit above this paragraph?

WTF are you still reading for? I’m done. PS: thanks for reading!


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