Crystal Cave

Another experiment to test Maxwell Render. This time, I wanted to do a closed off environment to test how it handles the lighting, and what better way to do that than a cave.  I settled on a SL (sample level) of 16 and a Time Limit of 120 (2 hours), EV 12, ISO 100, fstop 5.6, and a shutter of 130.612. I experimented with a lot of different exposure values, iso’s, and other environment settings (sun power/etc).  I used X-Particles around the crystal formation and a rock to create the glowing fungus type stuff, along with adding an emitter to the crystal material, to help get some light bouncing in the cave.  I used a depth pass to blur out the middle/back portion of the cave, which kind of sucks because I had some water and plant stuff up there, but i just hated the way the middle kept rendering out… i hate UVW’s and I just suck balls with Body Paint… even though I got good clean UV’s, it still looked like garbage in the middle (you can see from the uncomped render). I then went into after effects (yes AE and not photoshop) to do the grading.


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