Cube Pong 01 – New Born

The final cube pong video for round one is up!

from the cube pong vimeo page:

A new born is something everyone adores (unless it screams all night and it’s not yours), after an intense 24 hours and through the blood sweat and tears of over 20 designers and animators, we’ve successfully completed round 1.

A big thank you to all involved in building the animation: @balazskerek@pariahrob,@ITVteacher@simonfarussell@wvdkamp@openmindedbelgi@a_lx@leighin3d,@BrankoVlahov, @vudumotion@robin_an@c4dweekly@andywade84@muskaz,@cblaylock@greeble_tv@jimmydiep@FootprintVideo@seanmcnulty@capsz,@RagingClaw

More information as well as the open Cinema 4D file can be found at

Id like to give a big THANK YOU to Eugene Opperman over at and Dieter for helping put Cube Pong into an organized form. Well played sirs, well played.

I encourage everyone to participate in as well! Head on over to the Cube Pong site and enter to participate.

Dont forget to follow these guys on twitter for the latest Cube Pong updates:


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