CubePong 05 – Video Games

CubePong round five – Video Games


I was excited for this Cube Pong if you didn’t realize that. So many ideas! SO MANY GODDAMNED IDEAS!

I took the last spot on this one because I had a great idea to use Mario as an ending by warping down a pipe. I had some extra time so i added a castle and flag. I could write more on this, but its late, im tired, and i dont freaking care.. words and stuff.


Below you will find the excerpt from the site.

From the cube pong vimeo page:

Every boy when he’s growing up, discovers the pleasure he can experience by himself, or with a friend sometimes, in the bedroom.

Getting lost in a magical world filled with excitement, and no matter how sore his thumbs get, he’ll push on, hoping to get to the next level.

What are we talking about, video games of course!

We’ve all got our favourite video game, whether it’s a 16bit stone-age classic, or the latest console and Halo combo. Whether you prefer to be the villain or the hero, it doesn’t matter.

Using their favourite video game character as inspiration, designers and animators from around the globe played along in this month’s CubePong and got down to some serious gaming skills. From the classics to modern touch screen games, this CubePong proved to be one of the best one’s yet.

Be sure to follow this month’s animators and designers on twitter, they are: @c4dweekly,@BitterBeanChris@Wvdkamp@BrankoVlahov@vudumotion@robleger,@industriousind@cblaylock@RagingClaw@eugeneopperman@risingpixels

As usual a render would not be possible without the support of our render – when it comes to a Cinema 4D renderfarm, there’s no competition.

The open Cinema 4D file for this month’s CubePong is available to download the source file.

Id like to give a big THANK YOU to Eugene Opperman over at and Dieter for helping put Cube Pong into an organized form.

Another big THANK YOU goes out to Renderfeed for providing the render farm services needed to get this file rendered so quickly. Thanks!

I encourage everyone to participate in as well! Head on over to the Cube Pong site and enter to participate.

Dont forget to follow these guys on twitter for the latest Cube Pong updates:

If anyone would like to help clear the burdon from Eugene Opperman‘s wallet, head on over to the cubepong site and click the donate button at the bottom left of the page. Lets remember he has a fulltime gig too, and this project is extra work for him. Lets all give back!


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