CubePong 06 – Holiday Gifts

CubePong round six – Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts you say? This will be easy you think? HA! Hell no. When my family asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I said “nothing.”

Was there stuff that I wanted? Sure there was, but my taste in ‘toys’ is expensive; it’s not cheap being a geek today.

Normally when a CubePong is announced I almost instantly know what I am going to do, and it usually has potential to be a great ending, but this time… I had no freaking clue. Hell, I was so caught up in work that I almost missed the signup completely and then had to go on a mad dash to get some more people recruited. Thats right… if there is a CubePong and you do not sign up then there is a good possibility that fuck you, i will sign you up.

Well, as it turns out, I did all that stressing over NOTHING! I ended up getting this crazy flu and was not able to participate in this round, queue sad boy face here.


Below you will find the excerpt from the site.

From the cube pong vimeo page:

Happy Holidays from CubePong!

We’ve celebrated the season of giving by showing what we’ve gotten over the years.

Whether it’s the family knitted jersey, socks for dad, or the latest technological gadget, we invited artists and designers to show us some holiday gifts. A wide variety of Christmas items made it into this month’s CubePong animation and every artist left loads to learn for everyone, so be sure to download the Cinema 4D file and see exactly how these animations were constructed.

Be sure to follow this month’s animators and designers on twitter, they are: @capetownc4d, @bobobenton, @brankovlahov, @eyedesyn, @wvdkamp, @c4dweekly, @eugeneopperman and @risingpixels

As always Renderfeed rose above and beyond to provide us with effortless rendering. Be sure to check them out for your next Cinema 4D render needs.

Download the Cinema 4D file here

Id like to give a big THANK YOU to Eugene Opperman over at and Dieter for helping put Cube Pong into an organized form.

Another big THANK YOU goes out to Renderfeed for providing the render farm services needed to get this file rendered so quickly. Thanks!

I encourage everyone to participate in as well! Head on over to the Cube Pong site and enter to participate.

Dont forget to follow these guys on twitter for the latest Cube Pong updates:

If anyone would like to help clear the burdon from Eugene Opperman‘s wallet, head on over to the cubepong site and click the donate button at the bottom left of the page. Lets remember he has a fulltime gig too, and this project is extra work for him. Lets all give back!


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