CubePong 07 – Good old Keyframes

CubePong 07 – Good old Keyframes

Ahh yes, keyframes; the backbone of the 3d animation. Keyframes are a fundamental part of 3d animation and when Mograph and dynamics get involved in your workflow it can be easy to forget about the fundaments. I especially liked this round of CubePong for this reason. It’s nice to show you can get amazing results without relying on the application to do the work for you.


Below you will find the excerpt from the site.

From the cube pong vimeo page:

With the many simulation systems inside of Cinema 4D, it’s easy to become a little lazy and forget fundamental principals of animation. With that in mind, we decided to test people this month with the theme “Good Old Keyframes” a great challenge for all, pushing animators and mograph artists into finding a unique solution to the problem presented to them.

It was a great round, and a big thank you to all animators who participated and for their patience while we rendered this one out.

A big thank you to our render partner, on another flawless render process. And lastly to @risingpixels for his amazing efforts in getting this render out.

Id like to give a big THANK YOU to Eugene Opperman over at and Dieter for helping put Cube Pong into an organized form.

Make sure to hit up Eugene on twitter (@eugeneopperman) to c him; he got married this past weekend! Congrats bub!

Another big THANK YOU goes out to Renderfeed for providing the render farm services needed to get this file rendered so quickly. Thanks!

I encourage everyone to participate in as well! Head on over to the Cube Pong site and enter to participate.

Dont forget to follow these guys on twitter for the latest Cube Pong updates:

If anyone would like to help clear the burdon from Eugene Opperman‘s wallet, head on over to the cubepong site and click the donate button at the bottom left of the page. Lets remember he has a fulltime gig too, and this project is extra work for him. Lets all give back!


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