everyday [nightly frustrations]

There is an epic story behind this #everyday render that I created tonight. Oh, you want to hear that story you say? Well, it goes like this…  When a man and a woman are in love…  Shit, wrong story. Ok here goes.

My son has been having a terrible time getting himself to sleep since we, literally, cut his pacifiers into pieces. Tonight my wife and I were sitting at the kitchen table doing our bills but kept getting interrupted by merry 2 year old son. The more we ignored him, the list and more passed of he became. He was so loud I had to turn off my 90`s grunge rock out fest because there was just too much noise. Sooooo because I was frustrated I decided to make something in #cinema4d that was loud and violent. It started as a sphere with a random modifier sending is points and polys into the fuck-knows-where of z-space, but once i added a cloner, I started to see an overall beauty in the chaos. After adding a few more deformers, a landscape object with similar effectors and some #x-particles for the stars I called it good. I wanted to add a matte painting of the milky way or something similar but I started at 11pm and wanted done by midnight.

What started as anger and frustration turned into something that I think is rather calm and beautiful. This was an epic win.


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