Hiya, Georgie. Don’t you want a balloon? – 99frames

Hiya, Georgie. Don’t you want a balloon? – 99frames

This is my entry for the 99frames social animation project hosted by David Drayton of MAXON, creators of the best software in the world, CINEMA 4D.

This was done in Cinema 4D R14. Features used were: Physical Render, Aerodynamics, Mograph, Morph Camera, Dynamics and a lot of love.

I added a tiny bit of color correction in after effects.

I had a lot of great help along the way while doing this project. A huge thanks to Robert Leger (@robleger ), Eugene Opperman (@EugeneOpperman) and Alan Demafiles (@demafleez) for all the texturing advice and rendering help.

When I originally started this project back in October of 2012 (yes, i have been working and planning this for a long time), I had originally intended to do this as a low poly scene. I only had a basic idea of what I wanted to achieve however, so the project went though a constant process of evolution. The first concept sketches involved a paper boat floating down and going into a gutter. Right about this time, low poly took off in the Cinema 4D scene, so i ditched the low poly idea and went for something more realistic.

Now that my idea had shifted from low poly to something more, I had to reevaluate my ideas. Doing low poly/cartoonish water moving a paper boat was a lot easier then making the same thing look more realistic. Cinema 4D does not have the native capabilities for true fluid dynamics so I needed to change my plan. I opted to just ignore this problem in hopes it would go away and I would have an idea of how to achieve it, but as you can see, i didn’t. *

At this point I had no idea what to do, but I still wanted to do the street. I figured I would blow around some garbage or something. I decided to go to twitter and ask for opinions and ideas. I showed the current progress of the street and got a lot of feedback. I then started making regular updates of the project with screen shots via twitter. This was a great help and it kept with the spirit of the project in that I was keeping it ‘social’ by involving the Cinema 4D community.

Along the way I ran into a great deal of obstacles, but the willingness of the community to help out was amazing. When I started this project, I was not (and still am not) a texture guy. I fucking hate it. I asked for advice on texturing the street and was overwhelmed with the help I received from Eugene Opperman (@EugeneOpperman) and Alan Demafiles (@demafleez). They taught me a great deal about texturing and various methods of texturing and even some rendering tips.

Because of my lack of awesomeness, I started running out of time. I again went to twitter to ask for help rendering as i would not have time to render it out on my puny little laptop. I was again met with an amazing response of people willing to help out. In the end I owe Robert Leger (@robleger ) big time for getting this rendered for me.

That about sums it up. I had a blast and hopefully I’ll make it into the top 50. Later bitches.

* I was under the impression that the project was to be completely native to Cinema 4D but later found out that as long as MOST of it was done in Cinema, then it would be acceptable. I was pretty pissed off at that news because that meant I could have used RealFlow to do my water sim for the boat, but at that point I did not have time to complete that. grrrr


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