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Today marks the second year in a row that the VFX masses will/have descended upon Hollywood to protest the current state of the VFX industry during The Oscars. “But what do you mean by the current state of the industry Uncle RagingClaw?” Well I’m so glad you asked that question because it pisses me off and i need to be angry… people like me when im angry… What I mean is: foreign mother fucking subsidies. If you want the exact definition of a subsidy here you go:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subsidy.

All you really need to know, is it’s a tax break. So it works like this: Movie Company A (Warner Bros) wants to make one of those fancy moving pictures (The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings) that plays in one of those really neat loud dark picture houses. So Country B (New Zealand), says hey, make it here and we wont tax the shit out of you and we will give you 120 million fucking dollars extra. So, Warner Bros says “FUCK YEA!” and sends a lot of VFX work to New Zealand because fuck American VFX workers, those lazy cunts just complain about wanting to be treated fair and stuff and that friends, is not how to line the greedy corporate pockets with coin. So in my completely not made up example New Zealand paid a fuck ton of money for Hollywood to make the movie there, because jobs, and economy, and also because those things are not as  important in America, money is.  Also, New Zealand wants its money back from Hollywood because taxes.

The best example of the culmination of all this shit is the studio Rhythm & Hues and the film “Life of Pi.” Rhythm & Hues went bankrupt during the making of “Life of Pi” because they could’t keep up with all the undercutting from foreign countries offering subsidies ( and also Ang Lee is a walking, talking, breathing piece of shit). Christina Lee Storm and Scott Leberecht, two former employees of  Rhythm & Hues, just released a documentary called “Life After Pi” which details the studios downfall and how things are now; it’s fucking gut wrenching to watch, but do it anyway because you need to hate Hollywood more than you do right now and it will help you do that.

To help reiterate what the VFX people actually do, please take a look at the above photo. Looks good doesn’t it! I made it with Cinema 4D (to prove a fucking point). That image, is your favorite scene in your favorite movie before the VFX crew does its work. That is what the VFX people do, they make your pretty explosions go ‘boom’, your starships fly, and in the case of the film “Life of Pi” THEY MAKE A GOD DAMNED TIGER THAT YOU THOUGHT WAS FUCKING REAL FOR THE WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE!  And now that we have that out of the way, let us continue.

The best place to keep up to date on all this stuff is over at the VFX Soldier blog. Daniel Lay has been instrumental in all of the VFX equality movements, or whatever the fuck you want to call it. It boils down to he helped bring this shit out of the shadows.

If any of my info on this is wrong feel free to correct me in the comments. I promise I want hate you for it.

And for my closing statements I just want to say, Fuck You Hollywood.

There seems to be some confusion on my train of thought on the above article. I’m not saying that all VFX needs to be done in the USA. I live in the USA, so its my example. This is a global issue, not a USA issue. Now, i know up above Im all like ‘MERICA!’ but this stuff effects all the VFX houses all over the world. Our Government and the big studios offer the same type of subsidies for incoming films, so that fucks over that country the same as I mentioned above for the USA houses. Just don’t be confused, this is not a local problem.


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