Umami is Python driven Cinema 4D plugin that generates parametric random splines. Easy as that. Need some random spline for your project? Then give this plugin a shot!

Grunge Shader

An easy to use Architectural Channel shader for adding dirt and grime to your structures. You get an Advanced Plugin Channel shader — for CINEMA 4D, Example scenes — for C4D and VRay, and Free Limited Support.

Topology Vertex Maps

Topology Vertex Maps is a plugin for CINEMA 4D, which generates various types of vertex maps in realtime. The following modes are currently implemented using all your processor cores to generate custom vertex maps which can be adjusted in realtime: Mesh Area Density, Mesh Angle, Ambient Occlusion, Volume Depth, Shadow , Deformed Delta, Deformed Tensor.

Kendo Shaders

3 Advanced Procedural Shaders and an interactive UV editing Tool, for Cinema4D. Ninja – Color Is a C4D channel shader that gives you the ability to modify the coloring properties of  instances, clones and particles. Karate – Tiles is a tiling shader that can be used for walling flooring and a lot more. Henkan – […]

Additional Effectors

3 new effectors. The Surface Effector, Easily Transfer MoGraph particles from one surface to another. The Fit Effector, Automatically scale MoGraph particles so that they do not overlap.  The Selection Effector, Modify selection and vertex map tags directly by falloff.


A solid, reliable, production proven realtime voxelizer for Cinema4D that works great in combination with Mograph effectors or standard modifiers, for some really cool effects.