Perfect Split

OH SHIT another plugin!

That’s right, i have another plugin circulating the cinema 4d community! This time I, along with my lovely assistant Lily, bring you the skinny on my new brain child, Perfect Split.

Joe over at actually explained my plugin better than I did, so here is what he said:

Perfect Split is actually a really simple solution (Charles is a really clever guy) where it will simply “cut” out a polygon selection in your Cinema 4D scene and Pastes it back in as a new object while leaving the original mesh with a hole. Charles notes that this is useful for creating things like sliding doors, robotic arm or face panels etc. What it actually is, however is a time saver! Perfect Split is a Python Plugin and will be available for free download on c4dtools.

How can i get this absolutely amazing must have plugin?

well my friend, you can head on over to c4dtools and download it!