Storage Bin

I recently partnered with E.J. Hassenfratz on the idea of making a plugin to aid in modeling. What we came up with was Storage Bin. Storage Bin is a unique workflow plugin for Cinema 4D that will change the way you work inside of C4D!  Storage Bin assists the motion graphic artist by aiding the object creation, modeling, and everyday workflow processes by storing backups of object states as you work.   Backups can then be compared and restored for later use if needed.  It’s in the bin!  Save your Cloner Objects, Motext, NURB/Generator objects, Sculpts, and model states, declutter your Object Manager, and let go of the fear of messing up in the middle of the work!  No longer do you have to worry about manually making a copy before making an object editable!  With Storage Bin, you can store your object states as you go with the ability to go back to an older state and continue on from there.  You’ll never have to start from square one again! You can grab your copy of Storage Bin over at and clicking on the banner, or by clicking on the Buy Now button above.