Shatter Test with the Destruction Plugin

This was made around 6 months ago (from time of this post) using Cinema 4D. It uses the mograph2 dynamics and the Destruction Plugin made by Adam Swaab. The scene was lite using the Sky Sampler option inside of Global Illumination.

Unfortunately the release of Cinema 4D r12 has thrown a wrench in the plugin world. R12 uses new scripting methods which render old plugins useless, including this one. So, if you are using r12 this plugin will not work for you, but it was never really very stable anyway.

This is very sad information, i know, but have no fear there is hope for us r12 users yet! Below is a list of r12 compatible plugins for all your destructive needs!


Below are two destruction plugins created by Nitro4d. There are tons more plugins on Nitro4d’s site so check them out too.


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