3D Cubes to 2D Logo Tutorial Part 2 – After Effects Work

This animation came from a tutorial that I saw over on CGTuts+. There was A LOT of issues with the tutorial but I pressed through it. Afterward I decided to recreate the tutorial for all of the people that were having as much trouble as I did. This is Part 2 – After Effects work.

Part 2 – After Effects work

In this portion of the tutorial I go over the After Effects post process and produce a final render

The above Tutorial was originally recorded by Ezekiel Grand of CGTuts+ on May 27th 2010. All credit for this goes to him, to CGTuts+ and to Envato.

The reason I have re-recorded these is as follows:

  1. video quality was crap.
  2. tut is labeled as beginner AND basic, but Ezekiel does not explain 90% of what he is doing thus creating a cluster %$^& panic of not knowing how to proceed.
  3. I have learned a lot from all of the Envato tutorial sites and I am hoping that this will help ease some of the flack that Ezekiel is getting for his poor explanations; despite the problems I think it was a good tutorial and the lessons it taught were valuable information.

I think everyone that uses these sites expects a certain quality and I simply want to help them maintain that by making this a true beginners BASIC tutorial. If you have never touched Cinema4d or After Effects you will now be able to follow along. Before this, I had never touched After Effects so if I can do this… anyone can.

DISCLAIMER: Im not trying to take credit for this work. All credit, again, goes to Envato and Ezekiel Grand. If I am asked to remove these videos I will do so. All I ask it be taken into consideration that a fan of the site/network was trying to help out, and nothing more.


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