How to teach a 6 year old to make a slinky in Cinema 4D

In this video I walk my daughter, Lily (6 years old), through the process of making a Slinky in cinema 4d. The idea came to me last night (the previous night before we made this video) when we were playing with…. you guessed it, a slinky. Lily always wants to watch me work in Cinema and she always wants to do things with me, so i thought this was a good way to combine those things (and secretly start training the next greatest animator of the world has ever known).

The video is a little long but its a 6 year old making a slinky in 3d so its awesome. We go though the basics of using splines, sweep nubrs, object manager navigation, object manipulation, a bend deformer, making a freaking material!!!, and even some basic 3 point lighting… yeah, my daughter is 6, did i mention that?

If you are new to cinema this might be something you find value in. If you are a veteran, watch it anyway because its cute as fuck.

If you just want to know how to model a slinky, get a helix spline, change the start/end angles and height, get a rectangle spline, shrink it, use rounding, add those splines to sweep nurbs and be gone with you as i have other things to do than type right now.


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