Melting Bottle (Long) Tutorial

It has been 1 year and almost 6 months since i promised to create a tutorial for the melting bottle,

What can i say about that??? life happens… get over it. >_<

Well, enough people have finally threatened my life that i decided that it was time… time to get back in there… time to get the word out that I am a force to be reckoned with! Then i realized i wasnt in a movie and turned on my laptop and opened up Cinema 4D.
This is the **long** version. I made no prep at all and what literally takes 5 minutes ended up being 30 minutes… There are thrills, chills, crying, laughing, screaming, more crying and at some point a cat makes noise. This is full of no-holds-bar action so tighten your belt, lace your shoes and get ready to rock and roll. I also advise placing a bucket under your chin and contacting a support group for when you are done watching this because you will probably be drooling and brain dead…

This video has terrible modeling, no lighting, no texturing… seriously… this technique has been covered by other people in the past year soooooo yeah….. seriously… its hilarious.. make sure to get a bag of popcorn before you watch it. At the end I shameless plug several products, mine and others i have helped with or by people i know. HA! Go buy our stuff!


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