Melting Bottle (Short) Tutorial

It has been 1 year and almost 6 months since i promised to create a tutorial for the melting bottle,

What can i say about that??? life happens… get over it. >_<

Well, enough people have finally threatened my life that i decided that it was time… time to get back in there… time to get the word out that I am a force to be reckoned with! Then i realized i wasnt in a movie and turned on my laptop and opened up Cinema 4D.
This is the **short** version. I made no prep at all and what literally takes 5 minutes ended up being 30 minutes… i could not bare it… the pain.. it was terrible. Image if you will, being killed… that is what it was like… I decided, after being reanimated by the Witch Doctor i will soon become when i get Diablo 3 tomorrow (May 15, 2012), that i would spare you of this pain… that i would simply give you… the goods.

This video has no modeling, no lighting, no texturing… seriously… this technique has been covered by other people in the past year soooooo yeah… i model the bottle and table in the long version.. seriously.. its hilarious.. make sure to get a bag of popcorn before you watch it. Ill upload the long version later so you can watch me fumble around like a retard and call myself names and stuff. it’ll be FUN!


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