WIP – Penguin storyboard frames 1-4

This is a companion piece to the original penguin video i did.

This is frames 1-4 of the story board.

Full storyboard can be viewed here: Pengiun Storyboard

As i am doing this as a WIP type piece, this is a straight render with no audio and no color correction.

In this video we see the crank winding, a shot panning up from the feet to the head, a shot panning left from the wing to the middle of the body and a shot of the head leaping into the camera.

Just a side note about some things i learned:

I did the original in R12 and this in R13 using the new physical renderer. Total render time for the whole animation of the original was 4hours and 45minutes. Total render time for this animation was 19hours and some change… i have much to learn about the new settings in the physical renderer


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